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Sponsorship(s) and Community Programs We Support

ESSI, LLC is committed to supporting and helping community activities; at present ESSI, LLC is a sponsor for the Lovely Ladies of Laurel, Mentorship organization and Title IX (nine); if you would like to know more about thee efforts and organizations, please follow the hyperlinks below.

Sponsorships and support should be directed to the organization, and not ESSI, LLC; however feel fee to ask us (me) about them....

WASHINGTON, D.C. – WASHINGTON MYSTICS (WNBA) In honor of the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the Washington Mystics will host a panel discussion following the team’s game against the Phoenix Mercury on Sunday, July 1. Moderated by Mystics broadcaster Christy Winters Scott, the panel will feature Hall of Famer Ann Meyers Drysdale, WNBA’s Chief of Basketball Operations and Player Relations Renee Brown, USA TODAY award-winning journalist Christine Brennan and Coolidge High School Head Football Coach Natalie Randolph, who became the first female Head Coach of a high school football program.

. . .  the following organizations will support the event: Engineering, Systems Support and Integration (ESSI), LLC, NOVA United Senior Women's Basketball, Potomac Valley Vogues Girls AAU and Founding Fan Jacky Howell.

Lovely Ladies of Laurel, Mentor Organization- WE ARE ALL ABOUT BEING RESPECTFUL LADIES: The principle purpose and aim of Lovely Ladies Of Laurel an all girl mentoring organization is to promote RESPECT for SELF and others at all times. We engage in educational, cutural, and community service activities to maintain and encourage intellectual performance along with moral and respectful standards. We support intellectual achievement and personal and social development. RESPECT is the foundation for this organization. RESPECT for SELF, others, and human diversity.

Our Mission Statement:
We Do Because We Want To Not Because We Have To............

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